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Screenshot of EasyShift video

| News & Observer

Thousands of Nurses Are Hurt Lifting Hospital Patients. Can This Student-Founded Startup Help?

Samuel Fox Fox first conceived of the idea for the EasyShift device in 2017, as a junior at Duke.

David Smith in lab

| Duke Engineering News

Startup Stories

Eighteen spinoffs—and counting!—have grown from Duke ECE’s pioneering research in quantum computing, metamaterials, advanced sensing, robotics, and more

Duke football players in Wallace Wade Stadium

| Duke 3D Printing Blog

Innovation Co-Lab and Two Engineering Student Athletes Save Duke’s Football Season

Duke engineering students who printed a device to protect the broken collarbone of an injured fellow player founded a startup, Protect3d

Samuel Fox and a prototype mobility device

| Duke Engineering News

The Undergraduate Entrepreneur

Samuel Fox's student-project-turned-startup improves patient mobility

Anuj Thakkar, Kevin Zheng, Nikhil Ravi and Pranav Warman of OptiML

| Duke Engineering News


The OptiML team's device has the potential to be the first automated smartphone ocular diagnostic tool, says team leader Anuj Thakkar.

Walla Team

| Duke Engineering News

Walla Wins Duke Startup Challenge

New app imagined by Pratt senior Judy Zhu brings students together to share in events and activities

Ivonna Dumanyan with a prototype sensor

| Duke Engineering News

Engineering a Smarter Stride

Duke engineering student Ivonna Dumanyan is starting a business that makes sensors to detect improper running form.